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"Mom" Designer Bracelet

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  • Get your handmade "Mom" Designer Bracelet today.

    This stylish bracelet comes with a "mom" Charm, optional additional charm of your choice, "Handmade" Charm and Lobster Clasp.

    To be wrapped around the wrist twice and secured. 

    The bracelet is made fully adjustable to fit wrist sizes up to 8 1/2 inches. If your wrist measures more than 8 1/2", please let us know your wrist measurement in the Order.

    If you would like to find out more on how your purchase generates support for Our U.S. Veterans and their families, click here


  • Mothers have a unique place in the world that cannot be replaced. They are the glue that holds the family together. Their heart is like a rare jewel that gives love to their children during the best and even the worst of times.

    All mothers are not the same. But their love to their family and their children is second to none. Sometimes, we take our mothers for granted and we always expect her to do things for us because well, she is our mother.

    All year round, mothers give all of their time, attention, and care to their families. That is why it is also very important for us to recognize and appreciate what our mothers have been doing for us. And with all the things that our moms have done for us, we should also find time to let our mothers feel special and loved even if it's just once in a while. One great way to do this is by wearing the Handmade By Heroes "Mom" Designer Bracelet.

    The "Mom" Designer bracelet is a specially handcrafted bracelet that shows how much you love and give importance to your mother. It is also a unique and one of a kind bracelet designed specifically to the person who uses it. Lastly, The Handmade By Heroes "Mom" Designer Bracelet is meticulously made and checked by U.S. Veterans. Now how cool is that?

    Another way for us to show how much we appreciate our mothers is by preparing for the Mothers Day celebrations. During Mothers Day, we should make it a point to make our mothers feel special and loved and that everything that they do is appreciated, given importance and never forgotten. This is also the perfect  time to wear or use Mothers Day themed products like the Handmade By Heroes "Mom" Designer Bracelet and other products that shouts "I LOVE MY MOTHER."

    Our mothers are our real life superheroes. They can multitask things that are seems impossible to do, she has all the answers even to our most stupid questions, and most of all, she is always there for us no matter what.

    Here are reasons why mothers are irreplaceable and ways to honor and appreciate them.

    5 reasons why mothers are irreplaceable:

    1. She will drop anything for you just to help you.
    2. Her love for you is unconditional.
    3. She will make you anything to make your tummy happy.
    4. She is your best friend and at the same time your bodyguard.
    5. She is the perfect person

    7  Ways to honor and appreciate mothers:

    1. Make a recipe book for Mom.
    2. Cook a meal for Mom and serve it to her.
    3. Give Mom the gift of time.
    4. Remember Mom with roses or a rose bush.
    5. Write a poem or heartfelt letter expressing your love and appreciation to Mom.
    6. Give a gift that involves creativity, such as needlework or a craft.
    7. Kiss and Hug your mom and just say thank you and I love you.

      So, what are you waiting for, get yourself your very own "Mom" Designer Bracelet and show everyone how much you love and appreciate your Mother.

    • If you'd like to stock our "Mom" Designer Bracelet, Click here or Call / Email us on 719-212-8889 / support@handmadebyheroes.com

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