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Engraved Stainless Steel PTSD Medical ID Paracord Bracelet

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  • Get your handmade PTSD Medical ID Paracord Survival Bracelet with stainless steel engraved medical tag. 

    Each stainless steel tag is engraved locally in Colorado.

    - Made out of high quality 450 and 550 pound test paracord
    - Fully Adjustable
    - Small fits a 6"-8" wrist
    - Large fits 7.5"-10" wrist
    - Limited Lifetime Warranty 

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    We can make your bracelet with side-release metal or plastic clasp. If you would like this option, please follow these steps:
    1. First, select the color for your bracelet and add it to your cart (you will be taken to the cart page).
    2. Go back to this page and Click here. You will be taken to a different page where you can choose the buckle type and your bracelet size. (IMPORTANT: Buckled bracelets are NOT adjustable so you will be asked to provide the exact size for your bracelet.) 
    3. Add clasp to cart and complete your order at the checkout page.


    We are unable to guarantee that in a Medical Emergency, your helper will read the bracelet and understand the engraving.

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder affects millions of American men and women. People who served in the military are not the only ones who develop PTSD although this is commonly assumed. Anyone who experienced a traumatic, shocking and dangerous event in their lives can develop this disorder. Treatments for PTSD include various types of therapies and medications. Wearing a PTSD medical ID bracelet is recommended if you have PTSD and you’re taking medication so that in case of an emergency, the EMT can be made aware of your condition and administer the right kind of treatment or help.

    PTSD is known as an invisible illness because of the fact that a person does not show any physical disability. Thus, there are those who doubt that a person who claims to have this disorder are being truthful and might even accuse them of trying to get preferential treatment. When the symptoms of PTSD kicks in, such as anxiety, fear or sudden bursts of anger, the people around might not know how to react or could interpret this the wrong way. Having a PTSD Medical ID bracelet on can easily identify an individual as suffering from a medical condition and can greatly save them especially at times when they are not able to advocate for themselves.

    Coping with a disability like PTSD can be difficult not only for the individual who develops it but also for their family and friends. Fortunately, there are now good treatment options for PTSD. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the type of counseling the VA is pushing for PTSD due to its effectiveness. There are two forms of CBT: Cognitive Processing Therapy which helps the patient change his or her view about the trauma and Prolonged Exposure which helps the patient face his or her fears associated to the experienced traumatic events. There are also medications available that are effective. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) like sertraline, citalopram and paroxetine, are antidepressants that help the patient feel less worried and depressed. People with depression tend to have very low serotonin which is the chemical that regulates mood. Low level of serotonin is known to promote anxiety and depression. SSRIs raise the level of this chemical in the brain, thus improving mood. If taking SSRI medications, it is important to always have a medical ID for PTSD that also indicates this.

    Aside from therapy and medication, support from family and friends can also greatly help the individual cope with PTSD. Do not shy away from discussing your condition with your trusted loved ones. Let them know what might trigger your symptoms. Doing exercises regularly can reduce stress and help you become more focused. Actively identify and seek out people, places or situations that bring comfort to you. Your symptoms will improve slowly but surely.

    About Our Medical ID for PTSD

    Many of the veterans at HandmadebyHeroes.com have invisible wounds too so who better to craft your PTSD medical bracelet but the very people who understand you and your condition best?

    Made with sturdy paracord, each bracelet is handcrafted with pride. Many of our customers who purchased this bracelet commented on how easy it is to spot. Parachute cord is not a very common material used for alert bracelets.

    Our Engraved Stainless Steel PTSD Medical ID Paracord Bracelet also comes with a steel tag engraved with the letters “PTSD” in large capital letters and accompanied by the Star of Life symbol in red so it is easily identifiable as a medical ID. The bracelet is fully adjustable and comes in two sizes.

    - Small fits a 6"-8" wrist 
    - Large fits 7.5"-10" wrist

    Each bracelet comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Thank you for your support!


    You are welcome to stock our PTSD Medical ID Paracord Bracelet with engraved stainless steel tag, all you need to do is contact us. 

    Click here or Call / Email us on 719-212-8889 / support@handmadebyheroes.com

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