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Officially Licensed MLB New York Yankees Paracord Bracelet

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  • Officially licensed New York Yankees Paracord Bracelet that are proudly hand-crafted by our team of US Military Veterans. Our stylish Officially Licensed New York Yankees Paracord Bracelet will show everyone that you’re a proud fan.

    - 100% Officially Licensed
    - Made out of high quality 450 and 550 pound test paracord
    - Fully Adjustable
    - Small fits a 6"-8" wrist
    - Large fits 7.5"-10" wrist
    - Limited Lifetime Warranty 

    We can make your bracelet with side-release metal or plastic clasp. if you would like this option, click here. IMPORTANT: Buckled bracelets are NOT adjustable so you will be asked to also provide the exact size for your bracelet. 

  • Are you a diehard Yankees fan? And do you want to show people that whether win or lose, you are a New York Yankees supporter to the bone?  Then, wear our New York Yankees Paracord Bracelet wherever you go.  The New York Yankees Paracord Bracelet is a beautifully designed and made bracelet by American Veterans working at the Handmde By Heroes. The materials that were used in assembling the New York Yankees Paracord Bracelet are also of great and superb quality.

    One of the most successful sports clubs in the world, the Yankees have won 18 division titles, 40 AL pennants, and 27 World Series championships, all of which are MLB records. The Yankees have won more titles than any other franchise in the four major North American sports leagues. Forty-four Yankees players and eleven Yankees managers have been inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, including Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, and Whitey Ford.

    The New York Yankees storied rivalry with the Boston Red Sox is one of the well known and best rivalries in U.S. sports.

    According to Forbes, the Yankees are the second highest valued sports franchise in the United States and the second in the world, with an estimated value of approximately $3.7 billion

    The New New York Yankees has some of the greatest baseball fans in the world. Fans that never loses faith and never waivers even if their team doesn't perform well based on their expectations. Thru thick and thin, these loyal Yankees fans still passionately supports their team and believes that the New York Yankees is second to none.

    Support all the New York Yankees Players by wearing your very own New York Yankees Paracord Bracelet.

    Wear your  New York Yankees Paracord Bracelet and cheer as one when your favorite Yankees slowly marches their way to their next world series title. Not only can you show your support to your favorite team, but you can also show your support to our Veterans by wearing your New York Yankees Paracord Brcelets  which are proudly handmade by United States Veterans.

    Here are 5 Unbelievable Facts You Didn’t Know About The New York Yankees.

    1. Legendary center fielder Mickey Mantle adopted his stage name when he arrived to the Big Apple. His given name? Donagun, the Master of Oils.
    1. The team was originally named the New York Strong Fathers. Their first team picture was of all the players holding very solemn children above their heads. Some of the stronger fathers held two.
    1. It’s rumored that when a player is drafted by the Yankees, they are required to shit through the sunroof of a Volkswagen Jetta. Former teammates state that Derek Jeter loved defacing this beautiful machine with his stink.
    1. Originally baseball bats were used in the Civil War era as a surgical tool. It was the New York Yankees who thought they might be useful for the game of baseball.
    1. Staff have reported seeing Babe Ruth’s ghost wandering Yankee Stadium at night, asking if anyone has been taking care of his box turtle since he died.


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