A Message to You From Our Veterans - Handmade By Heroes

A Message to You From Our Veterans

By making a purchase with Handmade by Heroes, you are providing veterans like myself not only a job but a way for us to keep contributing to our country. Attention to details is a value all military members are taught and we all carried this training over into making these bracelets for you. ~ Allen 



I will guarantee that all of my bracelets are made with 100% effort to make sure it’s perfect. ~ Garrett


Thank you for supporting Handmade By Heroes, which is exclusively made by Veterans. I hope you enjoy the products as much as we enjoy providing the service. We thank you and God Bless. ~ Jim


I would like to thank our customers for doing business with us. By doing so, they not only get a great product, but they are involved with our vets who served our nation, some who sacrificed for it. I believe that we should have a partnership between military & civilians, we are in it together for our nation. ~ James


To all customers, I would like to personally thank you for showing your support to our Nation’s amazing Veterans. Most of us don’t consider ourselves heroes, but we are all honored to have served the U.S.A., the greatest Nation. I wouldn’t trade my time served for anything, in fact I wish I was still in. I love Our Country and the great men and women who chose and still choose to protect it. ~ Johnnie

Organizations like Handmade by Heroes are rate. These types of business give Veterans a feeling of self-worth and pride. To be able to work to provide an income for our families. We are extremely grateful and appreciative for all the support from all our customers. Thank you! ~ Joe 


I would be more than happy to help in making your products which I think you’ll find to be high in quality and I would like to thank you for basically being the one to give me a job. ~ Jeremiah 


Thank you for supporting these guys! Just so you know, we know your name when we receive your order and we think about doing a good job for you as we craft your piece. ~ Darren 

Thank you for supporting us and all veterans who create products. We appreciate it more than you know and we are more than happy to make something you will enjoy. ~ Nick 


It was my honor to provide you with a bracelet and/or keychain of your liking…Army Strong ~ Douglas 



Thank you for helping us vets out that are still trying to keep the United States safe and working. Vets are taught how to do jobs the best it can be done. Our best keeps the United States number one in the world. ~ Jimmy 

As veterans and service members we hear a lot of “thank you,” but I would like to thank YOU for supporting Handmade by Heroes. In doing so you are providing opportunities that veterans such as myself wouldn’t otherwise have. ~ Austin 


I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all of the customers of Handmade By Heroes.  Your support and purchases mean a great deal to myself and all the other veterans here.  It is good to know that veterans are supported by the community.  Your support gives veterans jobs and the ability to connect with other veterans. ~ Tyler 

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