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Fundraising and Wholesale

Our Mission

We hire US Veterans to make all of our Handmade Paracord products.

The goal of is to employ US Veterans who have given so much for our Nation. But apart from providing employment, we also aim to give the Veterans working for us the opportunity to learn new skills and trades which can help them transition from the Military into the Civilian workforce, where they can find new jobs with their newly learned skills.

Not only do we want to provide training and skills, we also work towards creating a safe and stable environment where our Veterans can feel at home and be around other Veterans who have had similar experiences in the Military and may suffer from similar conditions such as PTSD & TBI which affect so many who have served.

We encourage those who work with us to come up and experiment with new product ideas which we can then offer to the public and to our supporters. We want our veterans to be part of the business and not just work for it.

Partner With Us

There are numerous ways to join our family and make a difference in the lives of our veterans:

Social Media

We have a tremendous Facebook following (handmadebyheroesusa), so tell your friends about us and post on our page! We also are on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Corporate Partner

Join our Corporate Partnership program and let us help promote your company, while you help to employ more veterans. For more information, please contact us.

Fundraising & Wholesale

Need a custom paracord product for your organization, club, or team? Tired of buying candy, popcorn, candles and cookie dough? Help to employ our veterans while helping your team or organization to raise funds! 

Each product you order will be proudly handmade to your specifications.

Here are some of the products we currently offer for wholesale. 

NEW Promotional Products from our Veterans!

Key chains with back to back charm sporting your logo or choice of artwork design and "Support Our Veteran" charm.  



For the complete list of products we offer for wholesale and rates, please see our catalog below. 



Contact Us

Please contact us for inquiries or for orders:


In placing your order you will be helping grow to help continue to employ US Veterans who not only rely on us for an income and an opportunity to learn new skills but as a social outlet among Veterans facing similar challenges.

Thank you for being part of our Team.

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