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The goal of is to employ US Veterans who have given so much for our Nation. Apart from providing employment, we also aim to give our Veterans the opportunity to learn new skills and trades which can help them transition from the Military into the Civilian work force and help them advance their careers.

And not only do we want to provide training and skills, we also work towards creating a safe and stable environment for our vets.

We encourage those who work with us to come up with and experiment with new product ideas which we can then offer to the public and to our supporters. We want our veterans to be part of the business and not just work for it. 


Here’s a bit more on what we do and why we do it: 

What we do...

  • All products are handmade by US Veterans here in Colorado Springs
  • Our Veterans either work in house or they can take products home to make. With the flexibility, they are able to work at their own pace, thus, allowing for their disability without the added pressure of a high stress environment.
  • We pay per piece made
  • We employ other Veterans for operational roles part or full time. .
  • Officially Licensed Products, (NFL, NCAA, NHL, MLB, NBA).
  • Other Handmade products include Dog Collars, Lanyards, Designer Bracelets, Keychains and more.

Why we do it...

  • We want to help as many Veterans as possible!
  • Our Veterans may suffer from physical and hidden wounds that make it hard for them to find and keep other jobs
  • Many of our Veterans have been homeless at some point and we worked together to help them get back on their own feet
  • We have helped over 100 Veterans thus far
  • Currently we have 25 Veterans working with us
  • We would like to set an example for other business owners that our Veterans have many skills invaluable to a company. With a little understanding, those having a hard time in life can excel.

For more information or press enquiries, please contact Dana on 


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Sizing Guide


If you are purchasing a bracelet with buckle, please refer to the Sizing Guide as shown in our buckle listing here.