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7 Jobs You Didn’t Know the US Military Had

March 13, 2017

Corrections Specialist

In the military, not all enlisted personnel are deployed in the fields. Some of them do jobs that seems like it doesn’t belong and are out of the extraordinary in terms of military job description is concerned. While these jobs look like they don’t belong, they are still essential in making the troops and their families lives much better. Here are 7 unexpected job careers you didn’t know our US military men and women had.

1. Community Services (Marine Corps)

source: usmilitary

The management of the retail services of the Marine Corps is the responsibility of the Community Services Marines. A recreation that boosts the Corps morale and welfare is also part of the job.

2. Corrections Specialist (Marine Corps, Army)

Just like in the civilian world, the military also manages its own correction facilities for military men and women that were found guilty of a crime by the military courts. Supervising these incarcerated military men and women is the job of the Correction Specialist. In the military prison, inmates can be prisoners of war and also former service men and women accused or convicted of a crime. 

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3. Cryogenics Equipment Operator (Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy)

source: jobs.aol

A Cryogenics Equipment Operator is usually associated with keeping bodies on ice. But the main job of these Cryogenics Equipment Operators is to study and understand the production and behavior of materials that are subjected in very low temperatures. These studies that are conducted by Cryogenics Operators are a great help to the Marine Corps and other services that uses this technology. A good example of this technology is the safely storage of oxygen for pilots’ tanks and the nitrogen which are used for plane tires.

4. Cyber warriors (Air Force, Navy, Army)

source: reuters

The U.S. Armed Forces is at war with hackers and is always bombarded by unimaginable barrage of cyber attacks around the world. Fighting these hackers that want to enter the U.S. Armed Forces mainframe and do serious damage or steal important information are the U.S. Armed Forces Cyber Warriors. These Cyber Warriors do not only defend the military’s mainframe but they also conduct counter-attacks when it is deemed necessary.

5. Dietitian (Air Force, Army)

source: forthoodpresscenter

Dietitians are very important in the military. They are responsible in creating the right dietary plans required based on military missions.

6. Geneticist (Air Force)

source: keesler.af

In the U.S. Armed Forces, it is only the Air Force who has a full-service genetics laboratory. In this laboratory, it is the Geneticists who run the show. They are responsible in providing counseling to the soldiers and their families regarding genetic diseases like cancer. Geneticists can also provide and conduct neonatal care procedures.

7. Journalists (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force)

source: mariarelanoalberola

Who do you think take all the images and videos that are shown and published in the magazines, newspapers, and television news casts regarding the dangers that every U.S. military men and women face every day while they are out in the fields?

They are service men and women who were assigned to the public affairs and combat camera units, also known as military journalists. The military has different terms for every specialty. A military photographer is referred to as combat camera, those who write articles for base newspapers and web stories are called the print journalists, and those who shoot and edit videos are called broadcast journalists.

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