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Best Jobs for Transitioning Veterans

August 28, 2017

Best Jobs for Transitioning Veterans

Are you a retired service military man or woman and you wish to try your luck and skills in the civilian world? Well, according to the data that was recently released by PayScale, people with military background have a higher chance of getting hired and to hold a much higher position with higher salaries than civilians.

Here are some high paying jobs that are perfect for every transitioning veteran who wishes to apply for a job after they retire from military service.

Best Jobs for Transitioning Veterans

1. Chief Information Officer


Salary: $167,200

The vast experience that veterans have when they were in the military is perfect for this position. With their skills in logistics, infantry and most especially in communication technology, veterans are often hired not only as an ordinary employee but as the guy who will lead and direct the company’s infrastructure and IT strategies. Because veterans were often deployed to different assignments in different areas of the military around the world, the skills that these veterans possess in terms of communication technology can never be questioned. Veterans’ leadership and great decision-making skills are also some of the reasons why these former military service men are perfect for any executive level jobs.

2. Capture Manager


Salary: $164,100

The position of a Capture Manager is also perfect for some military veterans looking for a job in the civilian world. According to PayScale, veterans are ten times more likely to hold this position than a civilian. This is because of the veteran’s knowledge and experience in working in the military and the government. Managers generally hire former service military men to fill this position because they can present any products and services better than a civilian. Veterans know and understand what it takes for a product to be appealing to the organization because of their experiences in the military where they have started at the bottom and has risen in ranks as the years go by until they retire from service.

3. Senior Program Manager


Salary: $137,900

This upper level managerial position is also a job that is most likely to be occupied by a retired service military person. Being in charge of important and specific projects within an organization and being able to lead an office team is the main concern of a Senior Program Manager. And with the veteran’s experiences in leading and managing people during their time in the military, it is no wonder why many companies are now considering employing veterans as their Senior Program Manager.

4. Vice President of Technology


Salary: $134,200

When a person enters the military, he or she will be receiving different kinds of training until they retire from service. From combat to self defense training, and also from leadership to technical know-how, soldiers are not only trained physically but also mentally. Once these soldiers retire from the service, the skills that they have learned and perfected when they were still in active duty can be their greatest asset if they want to look for a job in the civilian world. A job that suits these characteristics and skills that every veteran possesses is the Vice President of Technology in a company. Since most military personnel are trained to be technically skilled, a job that needs someone with good technological background can be perfect for a transitioning veteran who is looking for a job.

5. Management Consultant


Salary: $87,300

The main reason why companies hire management consultants is to help improve the performance of every department that deals with certain tasks in the company. Improving specific functions like strategy, technology adaptation, sales, leadership, and operations are the main goal of every management consultant that is hired by a company. And there is no one else best suited for this job than a veteran that has a good military background and experience in dealing with these things. Veterans are natural leaders and motivators and having them as the company’s Management Consultant always leads to good results.

6. Business Development Director


Salary: $101,853

Developing the company’s road map to success is the long term goal and the main concern of a Business Development Director. If you have a vast knowledge in creating sales opportunities and good in developing risk mitigation plans and also knows how to identify strategic partnerships, then what are you waiting for? Apply now because this is certainly the job for you

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