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Careers in Golf That Every Golf Loving Veteran can Consider

September 12, 2017

Careers in Golf That Every Golf Loving Veteran can Consider

After a soldier’s career in the military is over, there are a lot of opportunities to be still productive even in the civilian world. And if it happens that golf is your passion, then a bright future possibly awaits you. Golf offers a wide range of opportunity for a former soldier to turn his love for golf into making an income.

Here are 5 careers in golf that every golf loving veteran can consider.

1. Golf Club Pro

This may be far-fetched, but hey no one is stopping you!In fact, you wouldn’t be the first to do it. Lee Trevino was a former marine and when his service was over, he became a pro and went on to win 29 PGA Tours including 6 Majors. Another former service man that became a pro golfer after his service was over was Tony Lema. Tony joined the Marines at age 17 and went on to serve in the Korean War. He has 12 PGA tour victories to his credit including the 1964 U.S. Open Championship.

So if you really dream of becoming a pro golfer after your service in the military is over, then, you better start practicing your swing and putting techniques and you may realize your dream sooner than later.

2. Golf Course Manager


There is a great history of Military graduates from the Golf Academy of America to have gone and get great jobs as professionals at prestigious golf clubs around the world. With veterans’ great work ethics and unquestionable discipline that were instilled in them during their time in service, veterans are the most ideal candidates for a Golf Course Manager post.

3. Golf Instructor


To make a difference is one of the main reasons why a soldier decides to enter the military life. And after a veterans’ service in the military is over, what is more rewarding than a career as a golf instructor?

Former service men and women, even those who were wounded found rewarding jobs as instructors and teachers in different fields as civilians. The Golf Academy of America can help you make this job become a reality.

4. Golf Course Designer


If you possess the drive, vision, and great strategic thinking, then this job is perfect for you. As a former service man or woman, being a Golf Course Designer will be a great challenge. But your military training and background would help you succeed any challenge and obstacle that could be presented to you.

5. Golf Retail Manager


 Your love for golf combined with your leadership skills that was honed during your days in the military can help you succeed and do well as a Golf Retail Manager. This is a great opportunity to start a career and to earn a living even without too much background and training in the retail industry. You will learn the ins-and-outs of being a Golf Retail Manager slowly but surely. It is just like the zero-based background that the military uses when a civilian walks into a military office and applies to the service.

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