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Famous War Dog Heroes

August 25, 2017

Famous War Dog Heroes

The saying “Dogs are Man’s Best Friend” is an understatement. A dog’s loyalty towards his handler can never be questioned. A lot of stories have been told about dogs saving and protecting their handlers from harm and danger even at the cost of their lives. Some stories are centuries old that they became legends. And if one wants to read about dogs’ braveries and heroisms, then, one need to look no further.

In the military, enlisted military dogs protect and serve without question. And because of this, they save countless of lives. Below are 5 famous War Dogs that did not only become heroes because of their bravery but became legends because of the heroisms that they did in the face of great danger.

Here are 5 Famous War Dog Heroes

1. Sergeant Stubby


This WWI War Dog hero was legendary! Before War Dog Sgt. Stubby became the most famous and highly decorated WWI American War Dog, his bravery was already the talk of the American Armed Forces during that time. Sgt. Stubby’s lists of accomplishments are incredible and his bravery was second to none. It was said that Sgt. Stubby was responsible in the capture of a German spy while the spy was mapping the position of the allied forces. He also survived a poisonous gas attack that hit his battalion in February 1918. After surviving the gas attack, Stubby’s nose became very sensitive to gas poisons. He saved a lot of American soldiers’ lives by waking up the soldiers once he sniffed potential gas poison attacks. Stubby was also very good in locating injured and deceased soldiers. After being injured by shrapnel from a German grenade, Sgt. Stubby was returned to the U.S. a hero. He became an instant celebrity upon returning home that he even got to meet 3 presidents, namely, Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding, and Calvin Coolidge. As a tribute to the hero dog, Georgetown University made Stubby as their school’s official mascot.

2. Valdo


In the War in Afghanistan, bomb sniffing dogs are very important. None exemplified this better than Valdo. Valdo is a war bomb sniffing dog. Together with his partner, Petty Officer 3rd Class Ryan Lee, they saved a lot of lives by locating planted bombs in the field. In 2011, during a routine mission, Valdo bravely and heroically used his body to shield four American troops from an incoming rocket propelled grenade. Because of Valdo’s heroic act, the four American troops survived the attack but Valdo was injured and was in serious condition. Luckily, Valdo is a strong dog and he survived and recovered from his injuries. Officer Lee, Valdo’s handler says that after their mission is over, he will adopt the Valdo.

3. Chips


If Sgt. Stubby was the toast of WWI, Chips was the ALPHA DOG of WWII. Chips was the most decorated War Dog that served in World War II. Chips was deployed in Sicily, France, Germany, and as far as Africa. Chips heroism and bravery was witnessed by his handler during the invasion of Sicily in 1943. While Chips and his handler were being pinned down by a machinegun fire, chips broke free from his handler and without hesitation bravely attacked the enemy gunmen that was pinning them down. This act of courage and heroism made chips the toast of the American Military. He was awarded the Silver Star and Purple Heart medals that were later revoked because during that time, war dogs cannot be given any awards. However, Chips still received many more accolades and tribute over the course of his life.

4. Lucca


Lucca was one brave military dog and her story is truly inspiring. It was in March 2012 that Lucca demonstrated and showed her bravery. While on patrol, a roadside bomb exploded and Lucca lost her legs while protecting the platoon of Marines which she was assigned to.

5. Smoky


Heroes come in all sizes. It is the same with War Dogs. When it comes to saving lives and protecting ones country, size does not matter. Smokey was a Yorkshire terrier that only weighs four pounds. During World War II, an American soldier named Bill Wynne found Smokey in the jungles of New Guinea. Although small in size, Smokey proved that she too can be dependable when the right situations arise. During World War II, Smokey was awarded and honored for her bravery when she warned Bill Wynne of an incoming fire on a transport ship.

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