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Homeless Vets: Reasons Why Veterans Become Homeless

July 18, 2017

Homeless Vets: Reasons Why Veterans Become Homeless

When a soldiers mission ends, his civilian life returns. As he finally comes home to the arms of his loved ones, he can finally feel at peace and contented of what he has done not only in making sure that the family he left behind from his years in service are safe and free but most especially to the service that he has done for his country and his fellow Americans.

But what happens when a soldier’s life in the military is over and he does not have a home to come back to? What if after his long years in service, the man that he has become was now just a shadow of the man that he once was? Veterans who suffer from mental, emotional, and physical problems that were not addressed properly when they returned home after their service in the military was over. In these stories about homeless veterans, we can see a few commonalities why these war heroes ended homeless just after their military service was over.

Here are 5 reasons why some veterans become homeless.

  1. The addiction to alcohol and drugs that began during their time in the service or shortly thereafter are some of the most common factors why veterans end up being homeless.
  2. Upon entering the military, most homeless veterans were marginal individuals. And when they entered the military, their performance was average to below average. After retiring from active duty, these veterans just went back to their former status in the society.
  3. Many homeless veterans that returned home became difficult to get along with and cannot accept the fact that they are no longer in the service. This alienated their friends and even their family who were willing to help them during their most difficult times.
  4. Veterans who were assigned to military missions and operations that had little or no direct civilian equivalents have the higher tendencies to be homeless once their military life is over.
  5. Veterans that returned home with undiagnosed or not properly treated mental, emotional, and physical disorders that made them develop erratic behaviors and poor judgment are more likely to become homeless compared to veterans that went through the proper process and treatment upon returning homefrom service.

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, since January 2014, homeless veterans in the United States was estimated to be more than 50,000.

This is very sad news in a nation that prides itself as one with the most advanced and well trained military forces in the world.

So, as Americans, let us extend our hands to these homeless veterans who at one time in their lives protected and served us with honor and pride to keep us and our country safe.

One of the best ways to help these homeless vets is to assist those who need mental health counseling and drug addiction problems. Patience and understanding can always go a long way and can make them feel their worth.

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