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How to Improve Your VA Disability Claim

August 30, 2017

How to Improve Your VA Disability Claim

Processing VA disability claims sometimes takes a long and stressful time before the claim is granted. Here are some steps that every veteran can use to improve his experience when it comes to processing disability claim with the Veterans Affairs.

The Steps You Can Take to Improve Your VA Claim

1.You need to “see the solution” 

Don’t expect your problems to be solved by Congress and by the VA itself. If you have an issue, then, it’s up to you to own up to it. Realizing that you have a hold and power over your VA claim is the best way to solve any problem that might arise or you may encounter during the process. This can also possibly boost and help improve your VA disability claim.

2. You must get your VA C-file in order

Make sure that you have your C-file document in order. The most common reason why a VA is denied is a C-file document not properly accomplished.

3. Take time to learn the law

Knowing the basic laws of VA disability or appeal will go a long way in improving your claim. You don’t need to be a lawyer or get one, but understanding and knowing some of the basic laws on VA claims is a must.

4. Build your claim with these 4 pillars

Improving one’s VA claim should not rely on just a single legal theory. In fact, there are many ways to do this. The four pillars of the VA disability claim are just some of the ways to prove that each veteran’s disability is connected and related to their military service.

These are the four pillars that need to be built in every VA disability claim:

  1. Eligibility
  2. Service Connection
  3. Impairment Rating
  4. Effective Date

5. Use 5-star evidence to increase success

Showing bad or wrong evidence is the worst thing that a veteran can do when filing for his VA disability claim. The best way to be successful in proving your VA claim is to use the five-star evidence method which is presenting material, probative, relevant, competent, and credible evidence.

6. Choose your battlefield

Knowing and understanding the processes that are involved in VA claims will make your VA claim battles have a higher success rate of being won. VA claims with effective dates and impairment rating issues can be easily achieved when it is brought at the Board of Veterans Appeals rather than the VA regional office. You should also know if and when a VA claim battle should be brought and fought at the Veterans court.

7. Don’t hesitate to get help

There is nothing wrong in asking for help especially if you do not know what you are doing. As they say, “when you are way over your head, ask help”.

There are many blog sites that explain about VA disability claims. You can also ask legal help from attorneys who are accredited in representing veterans VA disability claims even if the VA tells you that hiring an attorney is waste of time and money. Just make sure that when you ask for help, the one you are getting help from also knows what he is doing.

8. Protect your survivors and dependents

One never knows what could happen in the future. What if you die while your claim is still in process or pending at the VA office?

Therefore, you should know how to protect your claim, survivors, and dependents. Preparing your survivor’s dependency and indemnity compensation claim should be prioritized and started right away. Doing this will help your survivors claim the compensation and benefits from the VA much easier.

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