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Things About Military Dogs You Need To Know

August 10, 2017

Things About Military Dogs You Need To Know

Most people do not realize that dogs have been helping our military service men and women ever since the First World War. They help save lives even if they lose theirs. As the new law that guarantees all military working dogs to be brought back to the United States after their service was signed, let us take time to pay tribute to these four legged heroes by looking back at their contributions to the United States Armed Forces.

Here are 10 Things about Military Dogs You Need to Know

1. War Dogs are Life Savers


According to the United States War Dogs Association, more than ten thousand Americans owe their lives to these four-footed war heroes since war dogs were incorporated into the military.

2.  War Dogs are Heroes


In all the wars that the United States of America has participated in, the war dog was as important as the next soldier beside him. In the First World War, a war dog named Sergeant Stubby saved an entire company of soldiers from a serrin gas attack. Sergeant Stubby became the most decorated War dog in history. And to top it all, he was even honored by three presidents.

Another war dog that became famous because of his bravery was a German shepherd war dog named Chips. During World War 2, Chips forced a machine gun crew to surrender. Chips was awarded three medals, the Service Cross, Silver Star, and the Purple heart. Sad to say, all of Chip’s medals were revoked because of the existing Army Regulations prohibiting War Dogs from getting awards.

During the Vietnam War, another War Dog named Duke saved more than a hundred lives when he alerted his company to an impending Vietnamese ambush.

3. War Dogs as Movie Stars


Does the name Rin Tin Tin ring a bell? Yep, Rin Tin Tin was a famous movie star. In fact, he was the first War Dog to become a celebrity after the Second World War. Rin Tin Tin was a German War Dog that was abandoned when the Second World War ended. He was then adopted by American Troops and brought home to the U.S. And as they say, the rest was history.

4. War Dogs as Mascots


Sgt. Maj. Jiggs was the highest ranking Marine War Dog in history. And he was also the Marines’ first official mascot. Sgt. Maj. Jiggs was well liked in the Marines that when he died in 1927, he was mourned throughout the Corps.

5. Not All War Dogs Return Home Safe after their Service


During the Vietnam War, more than five thousand War Dogs were deployed. When the war ended, more than three hundred War Dogs were estimated to have died in service.

6. War Dogs are also in the Special Forces


During the successful raid of the then number one most wanted terrorist on the planet Osama bin Laden, the SEALs team brought with them a dog and this made the difference towards the success of the said operation.

7. War Dogs are Expensive


If you think buying dog food for your favorite canines are expensive, think again. If you want to own a highly trained military dog, it can cost you more than eight thousand dollars each after they graduate from military dog training course.

8. War Dogs are an Integral Part of the U.S. Armed Forces


At present, there are more than 2,500 war dogs that are in active service. And more than 700 of these canines are deployed overseas.

9. War Dogs are a living Swiss Army Knife


War Dogs are like Swiss Army knives. They can perform a lot of tasks that are impossible to their human soldier counterparts. They can detect bombs, drugs, and weapons by using their great sense of smell. They can also attack the enemy if it is needed.

10. War Dogs Love Unconditionally


There was a popular story about a War Dog named Hawkeye. When Hawkeye’s master was killed in action and was laid to rest, it was said that Hawkeye never left his master’s casket until the funeral service was over. If that isn’t love, then, I don’t know what is.

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