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Top 5 Cities for Veterans to Live In

September 15, 2017

Top 5 Cities for Veterans to Live In

Not all cities in the United States of America offer equal opportunities to veterans. When it comes to employment, healthcare, and livability, some U.S cities offers veterans better opportunities than others.

Here are Top 5 Cities for Veterans to Live In

1. Asheville, North Carolina


Asheville is considered as a retirement haven not only for veterans but for tourists alike. With veteran owned and well managed businesses, Ashville offers the best opportunity for any retired veteran to venture into a new environment after his service to his country and to the American people has come to an end. In fact, Asheville has one of the most numbers of veteran entrepreneurs in the country. Small veteran owned businesses with less than 10 employees comprises most of Asheville’s business landscape. Another important aspect why Asheville is considered as a great city for veterans is the affordability of owning a property. Veteran wages have also been on a steady increase in Asheville since 2010, and if one wants to go on a tour, then, there is an international airport just an hour away from the city.

2. Sarasota, Florida


There is no better place for a veteran to retire and start his very own business than at Sarasota Florida. The city’s economy is booming and population is on a steady rise since 2011. Taxes are also lower compared to other cities and property value is also comparable to other big market cities in the country, and in just an hour, you can drive to any of the three international airports just outside the city.

3. West Palm Beach, Florida


With its strong and stable economy, West Palm Beach Florida is a great city for veterans to retire and enjoy life, away from the difficult and dangerous life that they have been accustomed to. The city also offers great establishments that are owned by veterans like themselves. Population has also increased by 9.2% since 2010 and veteran’s household income is one of the highest in the region. Two international airports are also an hour’s drive from the city.

4. Staunton, Virginia


If affordable housing with good regional airport service is what a veteran retiree is looking for, then, the city of Staunton in Virginia is the place to be! The many veteran owned businesses, big or small is also a plus and the higher veteran wages also makes Staunton a great city for any veteran to retire to.

5. Prescott, Arizona


The city of Prescott in Arizona can be considers as a VETERAN county. Located 100 miles north of phoenix, it has the highest rate of veteran owned and managed businesses in the country. Jobs in the city grows at a steady pace and veteran wages are higher than average. The city is also served by a regional airport.

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