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U.S. Companies with Special Programs Designed to Help Military Veterans

August 07, 2017

U.S. Companies with Special Programs Designed to Help Military Veterans

As military veterans transition from military to civilian life, sometimes it’s difficult for them to look for a job that is suited for them. Good thing that some companies offer special programs that help veterans make transitioning from military to civilian work much smoother and easier.

Below are six U.S. businesses or companies that have special programs that helps employ military veterans.

1. AT&T Careers for Veterans

AT&T does not only help veterans, they also help active reservists and members of the National Guard who want to transition to the civilian life. They support military men and women by employing them with regards to the skills that these former service men possess. AT&T also has strong partnerships with many Veteran organizations.

2. General Dynamics

If you are a transitioning veteran and you want get help or apply for a civilian job, General Dynamics can be of help. General Dynamics is a company that is committed to hiring and assisting veterans and reservists. GD also offers great opportunities for veterans who are looking for a job after leaving the service.

3. Habitat for Humanity: The Veterans Build Program

The Veterans Build Program of the Habitat for Humanity’s Foundation is also a great way for veterans to earn extra money. Through the Habitat’s programs, veterans are provided housing solutions and employment opportunities. The Habitat for Humanity and some Veteran Service Organizations also help veterans to meet some of their needs.

4. Microsoft: Elevate America Veterans

Microsoft’s Elevate America Veterans program is a program that helps veterans improve their technology skills by providing them the trainings that they need in order for them to find a job easier. The program also helps veterans to successfully transition from military to civilian life.

5. Prudential: Veterans Initiatives

Everybody knows that veterans are proven leaders, committed, disciplined, has a good work ethic and most especially can work under extreme pressure. Because of this, Prudential understands the true value and importance that each veteran brings to the workforce. The commitment of Prudential to veterans is the number one reason why this company employs veterans and also provides special programs to help these former service men and women. Programs that provide access to education and job trainings were also established for better employment opportunities.

6. Walmart: Welcome Home Commitment

Through Walmart’s Welcome Home Commitment program, a veteran that was honorably discharged from service within the first year of active duty can have a job at any Walmart branch in the country. Walmart also believes that hiring a veteran in the company is a big plus because veterans are quick learners and they work well with others. The discipline, training and passion that they have acquired from their military trainings will also be a great asset to any company that hires them. This is why Walmart is among those at the forefront of the active recruitment of transitioning veterans to be part of their company.

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