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Why We Use Paracord To Build Our Products

February 23, 2017

Why We Use Paracord To Build Our Products

HandmadeByHeroes.com is a business that employs only veterans to create products out of paracord by hand. Our most popular products are bracelets crafted out of paracord but we also make key chains, dog collars, badge reel attachments, tee holders, and watch with paracord band.

But why paracord, why not just ordinary nylon which is much cheaper to use for a larger profit?

It’s true that ordinary nylon is cheaper than paracord and they both look very similar with almost no difference in diameter and weight. A bracelet made from nylon would look just as aesthetically pleasing as one made from paracord. But our bracelets are not just for fashion, they are also crafted with the idea that when necessary, the bracelet can be unraveled and used for survival. Nylon does not have the strength and integrity of paracord, the same qualities that can be said of the men and women who craft our products.


Paracord, or parachute cord is actually made of nylon and it was created to replace silk parachute lines back in World War II. It has an outer braided nylon sheath and individual nylon strands inside. The number of strands depends on the type of paracord and they are not fastened together, instead, each strand can be pulled out which is a feature that makes this rope really appealing and useful to military and outdoorsmen alike.

Parachute cord, owing to its original intended purpose, is really strong. But not all paracord is created the same. There are actually 6 different types of paracord as specified by the military but the more popular one used in survival bracelets is the Type III cord or also commonly known as 550 cord - the same one that we use here at HandmadeByHeroes.com for our paracord bracelets.

Type III cord is midway between extremes when it comes to parachute cord – not shabby at all but also not the very best. The kern or core consists of 7-9 inner strands and is rated to handle a weight of 550 lbs., and with its quality, it is very usable and has many survival applications. The top of the line paracord type would be the Type IV paracord which has 11 inner strands and is rated to be able to carry a load of at least 750 lbs. Very high quality and also rather expensive.

It is important to note that the rating for parachute cord is for dead weight only or static load. This means that though a 550 cord can carry a 350 lbs load, if the object is swung, the movement creates weight that is not accounted for, and if the additional weight exceeds the 550 lbs rate, the cord will snap. This is the reason why paracord is not recommended to use for climbing. Climbing rope is still best for this activity (as well as rescue) because it is a lot stronger than 550 paracord with static load break strength of up to 6700 lbs.


Paracord is not just one rope – it is actually multiple ropes in one. The inner strands can be removed and used in various purposes such as fishing line, for sewing, to make a net, to use as sutures, etc. The outer sheath is not useless once it’s gutted, it is still quite strong because of how it’s braided and can be used as boot lace, for tying stuff together, as tie down, as wrapping for tool or knife handle for better grip, and many others.

In one of our standard size and regular bracelets, the actual paracord length could be up to 72 inches or 6 feet. But when pulled apart, with its 8 strands, you actually have 48 feet of usable cord. All this rope in a single bracelet that is only 8 inches in length.
Paracord has a lot of uses but no one can say exactly how many – for you, it could be 10, for another, 100 different uses. It's always been said that the uses of paracord are limited only by our lack of imagination – but it could also be true that the various uses of paracord are borne out of necessity during emergency situations.

Our veterans at HandmadeByHeroes.com have put together these videos to show just some of the ways your bracelet can be useful:

How to Use Your Paracord Bracelet in a Medical Emergency:

Did you know you can tow a car with your paracord bracelet?

And if you’d like to find out more on how much people have gotten creative with their paracord, you can read the various uses for paracord as listed here and here.


Because of its uses within the military, our veterans are able to work with something that is not only familiar to them but they work primarily with material which they understand the true value of. This is the sentimental part of it. The practical part is: paracord is immensely strong and along with this very good quality is a cost that is reasonable. The bonus part for our customers is: paracord has many survival and everyday uses. On top of all these, wearing something handmade by a veteran out of paracord is a pretty powerful symbol of support.

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