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Johnnie Robles

March 13, 2015

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Cliffwood, NJ
Name/Alias: Johnnie Robles a.k.a Smilez
MOS: 11C/15J/15E
Unit: 3/61 Cavalry Squadron Rank: SGT-E-5
Deployment Zone: Iraq Years: 2007-2008
Time Served: 5 ½ Years
Branch of Service: Army

Why I joined the Military: To better provide for my family. I had a wife and young daughter at the time and living in New Jersey was becoming more and more expensive. I joined hoping to be trained and qualified to get a better paying job in the civilian world. Post Military Career: Once discharged and even almost 4 years later, I have realized my training as an Infantry-Mortarman and Armament Repair Tech who trained on Helicopter/UAV; Electronics, and Avionics has not advanced me in finding a career. I had hoped to possibly get my foot in the door with Boeing or Lockheed Martin, even if I was hired to sweep the floors of these amazing corporations, but sadly after applying, I was denied employment. I have recently enrolled in college and I am proud to say that I am 18 credits shy of my Associates Degree in Business Management.

Life Changing Event: When I realized that where I was and where I could have ended up was not what I wanted for my daughter, my family or myself. I then decided to follow my dream of joining the military.

Why I Joined Handmade By Heroes: I initially joined Handmade by Heroes just to have some sort of income; however, I now can’t even begin to express my gratitude for the care, support, and extreme dedication that Handmade by Heroes has given our Veterans.

Message to Our Customers: To all customers, I would like to personally thank you for showing your support to our Nation’s amazing Veterans. Most of us don’t consider ourselves heroes, but we are all honored to have served the U.S.A., the greatest Nation. I wouldn’t trade my time served for anything, in fact I wish I was still in. I love Our Country and the great men and women who chose and still choose to protect it.

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