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Lukasz Radnor

March 13, 2015

Lukasz Radnor
Lukasz Radnor

Hometown: Mountaintop, Pennsylvania
MOS: 11B Infantry Unit: A6 1/8 Infantry
Rank: E-1
Time Served: 22 months
Branch of Service: Army
Why I joined the Military: I joined the Army mainly because I was out of control and I realized that I needed discipline and structure. I knew it would be a great opportunity for me to change my life.
Life Changing Event: My biggest life changing event to date would be becoming a father to my daughter, Chloe Alexis Park-Radnor- truly the best blessing I have ever been given.
Why I joined Handmade by Heroes: I was struggling to find a job and my Rocky Mountain Human Services Case Worker suggested that I apply for the available position of making paracord products from home. He gave me a little information about Handmade By Heroes and I was interested, especially because being able to work from home allows me to still go to my appointments and visit with my daughter.
Message to customers: This is a very thriving and respectable company with great employers. We all make great quality products and I hope that when you get your order it will make you or a relative smile.

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