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Ned Sweigart

March 13, 2015

Ned Sweigart

Ned Sweigart

Hometown: Lebanon, PA
MOS: 3531/3536
Unit: Combat Logistics Unit 3 Rank:E-3/LCpl
Deployment Zone: Helmand Province, Afghanistan
Year(s): 6 months
Time Served: 4 Years 
Branch of Service: USMC
Why I joined the Military: I enlisted late at the age of 23. I was working a full time “dead end” job and was in need of a better career and benefits.
The Marine Corp was hiring and offering stable income and benefits such as the G.I. Bill, and VA home loan, so I applied. I met their qualifications and enlisted.

Life changing event: Being able to see other cultures first hand has made me rethink how I go about my daily living. Reading how people live and seeing how they actually pull it off are two different things. Witnessing how these other cultures complete their daily activities and go about their business is pretty eye opening. I can say that I don’t think the same as I did before I enlisted about what I need and don’t need.

Why I Joined Handmade By Heroes:I had just relocated to Colorado and was waiting for my welding classes to start. Unfortunately, they were not starting for some time and I needed employment. I saw on a Job Seekers website that Handmade by Heroes was hiring. I enquired and I am definitely glad I did. They are a great group to work for because I am able to work from the comfort of my own home in my P.J.’s- can’t beat that. The best part is they do it for a good cause.

Message to customers:
Thank you for your interest in Handmade by Heroes. We appreciate your business and please tell a friend. If you wish to brag about who made your awesome, kick-butt bracelet, go ahead and tell them “Ned made it.” If you are too modest for that, just tell them to look up Handmade by Heroes. Either way I make an awesome product.

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