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Breast Cancer Awareness Paracord Bracelet

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  • By purchasing, you will be helping Colorado Cancer Coalition.

    Raise awareness to breast cancer by wearing this paracord bracelet, which is proudly handcrafted by our team of veterans.
    Raising awareness is among the best ways of preventing breast cancer.  
    20% of sales will be donated to the Colorado Cancer Coalition

    Some breast cancer facts: 

    - Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women.
    - 1 in 8 American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime
    - Breast cancer in men is not common, but it happens and approximately 2,600 men are diagnosed yearly in the United States
    - There are things you can do to lower your risk:
              > Avoid exposure to environmental pollution and radiation
              > Breast feed (for mothers)
              > Be active physically
              > Maintain a healthy weight
              > Choose to eat healthier
              > Limit alcohol and do not smoke
              > If you are age 40-44, choose to start yearly breast cancer screening with mammograms 

  • Bracelet specifications:  
    - Made out of high quality 450 and 550 pound test paracord 
    - Fully Adjustable
    - Small fits a 6"-8" wrist
    - Large fits 7.5"-10" wrist
    - Limited Lifetime Warranty


    Our new adjustable bracelets come in two sizes. To make sure you select the best fitting bracelet for you, please refer to this simple guide on measuring your wrist:

    1. Take a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist to where the two ends touch and there isn't any slack. Make sure it's not too tight that it cuts off your circulation.
    2. Mark this exact length on your string and use a ruler to determine your wrist measurement.
    3. Once you have your wrist size, you can now choose the right bracelet size for you:
         > If your wrist measures 6" to 7.5", order Small
         > If your wrist measures 8" to 10", order Large

    Visit our Sizing Guide page for our video guide. 

    We can make your bracelet with side-release metal or plastic clasp. if you would like this option, click here. IMPORTANT: Buckled bracelets are NOT adjustable so you will be asked to also provide the exact size for your bracelet. 

  • Meet the Veterans who work for and make all of your products at Our Veterans are the heart and soul behind all of our products and make each order with pride and precision. 

    Click Here to read more about each of our Veterans and watch the video below.


  • About the Colorado Cancer Coalition

    The Colorado Cancer Coalition offers a wide range of resources for patients in every stage of breast cancer from getting emotional and financial support, coping with the cancer, products and services options, alternative and complementary treatments and maintaining wellness.

    The CCC also offers a downloadable resource directory that can be used as guide to resources by caregivers and health care providers in Colorado. The print directory is free and available in English and Spanish and is published annualy. Copies can be acquired through the Colorado Dept. of Public Health & Environment's Resource Center. The online listings are updated and added to throughout the year.

    Donations help maintain the directory as well as support a competitive grant program through the Colorado Cancer Coalition and the Colorado Breast Cancer Task Force. To learn more about the Colorado Cancer Coalition, click here

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