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Medical ID PTSD Paracord Bracelet

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  • Get your handmade PTSD Medical ID Paracord Survival Bracelet with adjustable closure today.

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    - Made out of high quality 450 and 550 pound test paracord
    - Fully Adjustable
    - Small fits a 6"-8" wrist
    - Large fits 7.5"-10" wrist
    - Limited Lifetime Warranty 

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    We can make your bracelet with side-release metal or plastic clasp. If you would like this option, please follow these steps:
    1. First, select the color for your bracelet and add it to your cart (you will be taken to the cart page).
    2. Go back to this page and Click here. You will be taken to a different page where you can choose the buckle type and your bracelet size. (IMPORTANT: Buckled bracelets are NOT adjustable so you will be asked to provide the exact size for your bracelet.) 
    3. Add clasp to cart and complete your order at the checkout page.

    Medical ID PTSD Paracord keychain also available here.


    We are unable to guarantee that in a Medical Emergency, your helper will read the bracelet and understand the writing.

    We use waterproof paper for the medical ID emblems but it is still NOT advisable to wear the bracelet when swimming or in the shower. 

  • A PTSD Medical ID Bracelet can speak for you when you can’t. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is among the mental health conditions that not a lot of people want to talk about, much less the ones who actually suffer from it. It can be very hard to have a valid disability that many would not even consider as valid simply because “you look OK on the outside!” Equally difficult is trying to explain to others that you are in pain when your wounds are not visible. For many who have PTSD, wearing a medical alert bracelet that identifies their condition can help them during times when they are not able to advocate for themselves due to the debilitating effects of their anxiety disorder.

    Millions of Americans suffer from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder which is caused by going through a traumatic experience or event. When an individual is exposed repetitively to traumatic situations, it had been found that the brain will begin to react with a constant pattern of anxiety or anger. These reactions often result in self-harm, insomnia, substance abuse, violence or other issues. This makes PTSD profoundly challenging, not just to the affected individual him- or herself, but also especially their loved ones. The constant worry can also cause anxiety to the people who care about the person, and having a PTSD medical ID bracelet on can at least help allay their fears. Since PTSD is considered an “invisible illness”, wearing an alert bracelet can help EMTs determine that a person has a mental health condition in the event of an emergency.

    Encouraging discussion about an illness that many are not prepared to talk about can help spread awareness and improve understanding about PTSD. The main reason a lot of people with this condition don’t openly talk about it is all the stigma that are associated with PTSD: the fear of being labeled as someone with a mental condition, the assumption of others that the patient is unable to hold down a job or stay in a lasting relationship. Wearing a PTSD medical ID bracelet is a step towards a person’s acceptance of the situation he or she is in. But it can also potentially make others realize that the condition is real and start educating themselves on the issue and becoming better informed.

    Discussion is important because post-traumatic stress disorder is an important issue. As already stated, many Americans suffer from it – 8% of our population or 24 million people. Women are twice as likely as men to develop PTSD. The most common cause for women is abuse while for men; it is experiencing horrific events while serving in the military. The more people talk about PTSD, the greater the possibility for prevention. If we know the cause of something that negatively affects the lives of many of our brothers and sisters, then we can work towards taking steps for effectively preventing many more cases. With the right amount of discussion, people with PTSD can receive the support and assistance they need to live the good life they deserve.


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