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Remake Fee

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When to pay the remake fee:

  • Size change request that is outside the 30 business days window for returns. 
  • Product is returned more than once due to wrong size requested.
  • Item was damaged due to improper handling or lack of care.

For details, please read below:

As per our limited lifetime warranty, your Handmade By Heroes product is hand-crafted to meet your complete satisfaction and we will make every effort to repair/replace all products purchased from us.

Damages resulting from improper handling or lack of care are not covered by this warranty. If the returned product is damaged or worn beyond repair, we can re-make the product of current design and comparable value for a re-make fee.

Also, effective for sports bracelets and keychains orders placed starting August 10, 2015:
In line with our new licensed sports paracord products, if the item you are returning for a different size is a sports paracord bracelet or key chain purchased before our new licensing agreement, it will be remade with our new licensed sports paracord product and a remake fee will be applicable (see below). If you are not sure whether you should pay this fee or not, feel free to contact us

If one of our other paracord bracelet products is returned multiple times due to incorrect sizing, we reserve the right to request a remake fee be paid before the bracelet is made.

Officially Licensed Paracord Bracelet ($24.99) – remake fee $12.49
Engraved stainless steel tag bracelet ($24.99) – remake fee $12.49
Standard Bracelet ($19.99) – remake fee $9.99
Key Chain ($17.99) – remake fee $8.99

We reserve the right to not send a replacement until the remake fee is paid.

In the event your product needs warranty or non-warranty service, return your product insured with a letter of instruction to the address below. Shipping and handling charges may apply.

Attn: Felicia White 
5076 List Drive

Colorado Springs, CO 80919 

Our warranty department will maintain high sensitivity to each customer inquiry and take any and all reasonable steps necessary to assure 100% satisfaction. Repairs generally take 2-3 weeks before you will receive your product back.

All repairs will ship USPS unless otherwise specified. Shipping is charged on the checkout page. 

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