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Wounded Warriors Canada: Honour the Fallen, Help the Living

October 29, 2015 1 Comment

Wounded Warriors Canada is an independent Veteran's charity with a mission to help sick and injured veterans and members of the Canadian Armed Forces as well as their families. From its inception in 2006, Wounded Warriors Canada was able to change the lives of many Canadian Veterans and their families. 

As a wholly independent veteran’s charity, they provide a variety of programs and services particularly for service members needing mental health support. 

The Canadian military, like the American Armed Forces, was also engaged in the War on Terror in Afghanistan for more than 10 years. Many were wounded in combat. 

In addition to that, many more Canadians have also served on Peacekeeping Missions in other countries including Bosnia, Cambodia, Haiti, Sudan and Somalia. In these crisis torn countries, there was never any real peace to keep and the experiences Canadian troops had were as harrowing as what might be experienced in an open conflict situation.

Upon arriving home, many veterans have to cope with their physical injuries, emotional scars and at the same time, struggle to try and transition to civilian life. The life of a former service member scarred by battle can be very difficult at this stage.

This is where Wounded Warriors Canada comes in. The organization helps fill the gaps in the Canadian system for veterans.

The most common problem veterans face is PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is an anxiety disorder that can develop after an individual is exposed to a traumatic event or series of events. PTSD can cut a deep, invisible wound which is just as debilitating and even as fatal as a physical wound. Because of this, many of WWC’s programs focus on mental health support. Their National PTSD Service Dog program partners with existing dog providers and helps fund the training of dogs specifically designed to improve the quality of life for a veteran with PTSD. The COPE (Couples Overcoming PTSD Everyday) program focuses on the well-being and rebuilding of the relationship between a veteran and their spouse. Can Praxis is a program designed for Veterans suffering from PTSD/OSI and their spouse/partner/family member. It is a 9-day intense program divided into 3 phases which are three days long each.

To find out more on how WWC helps wounded Canadian veterans through their programs, click here.

Handmade By Heroes is very proud to have partnered with Wounded Warriors Canada. For every Canadian sport teams' sales, $1 USD will be donated to WWC. Eighty cents of every dollar goes right back out to support their programming for mental health support and the rest for their other events.  

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yvonne fleming
yvonne fleming

December 06, 2015

why do I have to pay in us funds when I’m buying in Canada

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