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Angel Velasquez

March 13, 2015 1 Comment


Angel Velasquez

Hometown: El Paso, Texas
Rank: SSG
Deployment Zone: Iraq, Afghanistan Years: 3 Years
Time Served: 12
Branch of Service: Army
Why I joined the Military: Originally, I joined to be a Drill Sergeant, but now I realize that the brother-bonds formed during deployments and training has been most rewarding. I also joined to travel and get out of my hometown.
Life Changing Event: Out of the 67 I.E.D explosions that I have experienced during my tours, there was one that required me to be medivaced. While deployed in Afghanistan, as Route Clearance, I was injured by an I.E.D. that knocked me out of consciousness and caused nerve damage to my right arm. After being in route clearance in 2 other deployments, incurring injuries, and the fact that Army was making so many changes, I decided it was time to get out.
Why I joined Handmade by Heroes: When I got out of the Army I started working as a landscaper and car detailer. After a few months working, I decided to join Handmade By Heroes as an emotional outlet. I found that making bracelets and key fobs is really relaxing.
Now, instead of only working at home making product, I work full time at the Handmade By Heroes Headquarters training other Vets on how to make our products. As an employee, I take great pride in each and every product that I make and also knowing that HBH helps Wounded and Disabled Veterans.
Message to customers: If it wasn’t for you supporting Handmade By Heroes by purchasing our products, some Disabled Veterans wouldn’t have jobs today. To that, I say, thank you.

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December 28, 2016

My old squad leader. Taught me everything I knew as a soldier. Hope all is well with you brother!!!!!!

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