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September 30, 2015 2 Comments

Name: AJ
Salem, Oregon
MOS: 12B (Combat Engineer) during my Enlisted time 13A (Field Artillery Officer) during my Commissioned time
Highest Rank: Staff Sergeant (enlisted) and Captain (commissioned)
Time in Service: 15 years
Branch of Service: Army

I enlisted in the United States Army four days after turning seventeen. This was certainly not a surprise to my family. I originally intended to serve a few years as an enlisted soldier and transition directly to college in order to earn my commission. However, several life events caused me to take a few extra years to complete my Bachelors. In 2008 I completed my undergraduate work at Greenville College in Greenville, Illinois. In 2010 I went back on Active Duty to attend OCS (Officer Candidate School) at Fort Benning, Georgia. I had hoped to serve a full 20 years and retire as a field grade officer. Unfortunately, my latest TBI compounded the effects of the five previous and the decision was made for me to retire early.

During my service to this great country I have had the opportunity to jump from countless aircraft, fire nearly every size weapon the Army has in its arsenal (literally from the smallest 9mm pistol to the largest 155mm howitzer), use a myriad of explosives, travel to many foreign countries, and so much more. With these incredible experiences have come a few painful ones as well. Being blown up on several occasions was never as painful as losing a Brother! I can honestly say the only thing I would change is the innocent lives that have been shed. All these experiences, good and bad, are what have made me the man I am today.

I am grateful to have found a Veteran friendly company that cares about making and delivering high quality products. I have recently transitioned from building products at home to also working at the company headquarters as I am able and have been truly blessed to see just how much Handmade By Heroes works every day to accommodate both employees and customers alike.

Thank you for visiting our website and considering a purchase that you can be assured will help better the lives of Veterans and our families.

~A Combat Wounded Veteran

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Joseph DiTata
Joseph DiTata

December 05, 2015

You and AJ made my bracelet. My wife and I both have one now and are amazed at the craftmanship of them. Thank you for keeping our lives and Country safe.

Brenda Christenberry
Brenda Christenberry

October 13, 2015

You made my bracelet and I LOVE it. I am a disabled nurse with MS after working 39 years in a field I love.
I lost my house this year due to a 140,000 pound oak tree coming through it with me in it. I feel your pain when it comes to loss.
I really appreciate all you have done for our country.
Thank you again for my beautiful bracelet!

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