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Allen Hesia

November 04, 2015

Allen Hesia
Name: Allen Hesia
Colorado Springs
MOS: Egress Systems
Unit: 57 CMS
Rank: SRA
Time Served: 4 Years
Branch of Service: USAF

Why I Joined the Military: Shortly after the 9/11 attacks I was laid off from my construction job. I was a young kid with no path in life and no real structure. After watching the events unfold on television I felt a rush of patriotism and headed to the recruiters office. My only regret about my service in the United States Airforce is that I did not join earlier.

Life Changing Event: The birth of my daughter has to be not only my favourite but my biggest life changing event. My daughter Selena is now 2.5 years old and she is the light of my life. Having a child makes you realize that the little things in life are insignificant and what matters most is providing a solid future for your loved ones.

Why I Joined Handmade By Heroes: I was first informed of Handmade by Heroes by a fellow veteran and immediately fell in love with the idea of working around vets. Being a veteran is a lifelong brotherhood and working with Handmade by Heroes is a wat for me to stay close with my brothers and sisters in arms.

Message to Customers: By making a purchase with Handmade by Heroes you are providing veterans life myself not only a job but a wat for us to keep contributing to our country. Attention to details is a value all military members are taught and we all carried this training over into making these bracelets for you.

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Clayton Graybill
Clayton Graybill

December 31, 2016

As an Air Force vet myself, I understand that feeling you had after 9/11, I felt it too, I served in late 80’s and wanted to reenlist after 9/11, but found a medical condition that kept me out. I was an aircraft mechanic, but I looked for this company to support the vets working there. Thank you all for your continued service to your country and fellow vets. May God bless you all!

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