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Joseph Barela

November 04, 2015

Joseph BarelaName: Joseph Barela aka Big Daddy B
Hometown: Santa Ana, California
MOS: 11C/ Infantry
Unit: C.CO 2-35 Inf 25th ID / HHT 3/61 Cav 4th ID
Rank: E-5 Sergeant
Deployment Zone: Iraq & Afghanistan
Year/s: Afghanistan 2004 – 2005 / Iraq 2006 - 2007
Time Served: 8.5 years
Branch of Service: Army

Why I Joined the Military:
I joined the Army on July 1st 2001. I wanted a better source of income, training and skills to make a better life for my family.

Life Changing Event: There were three life changing events that have impacted my life. First, when I became a father for the first time. Second was when I joined the military and left or basic training. Third was when I was first deployed to combat. Each of these times changed and moulded myself to whom I am today.

Why I Joined Handmade By Heroes: The reason I came to Handmade by Heroes is I had to stop being a contractor due to health reasons. One of my soldiers that used to be in my squad told me about HBH. I am so grateful I found a place that allows me to work in a great environment at my own pace and is understanding to some of my disabilities I deal with as a Combat Veteran. I also am able to go to college to pursue my business degree. HBH also allowed me to do my internship there with them to complete my schooling.

Message to Customers: Organizations like Handmade by Heroes are rate. These types of business give Veterans a feeling of self-worth and pride. To be able to work to provide an income for our families. We are extremely grateful and appreciative for all the support from all our customers. Thank you!

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Rick Challoner
Rick Challoner

February 06, 2017

I just got my medical bracelet today and I love it, so I ordered another and key chain for my wife.

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