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Gilbert Lazor

February 07, 2016 4 Comments

Hometown: Ramah, CO
Name / Alias: Gilbert Lazor (Gib)
Unit: 66th German 2DAD
Rank: SP-2
Deployment Zone: Germany
Time Served: 2 Years, Army

Why I joined the Military: I volunteered since I was due to be drafted anyways. So, I got to choose where I wanted to go.

Life changing event: When I got macular degeneration and became legally blind; I had to give up driving, and learn to depend on others for some help.

Why I Joined Handmade By Heroes: I wanted to still be productive and able to contribute something worthwhile. I feel as if this is a project at which I can learn and be successful.

Message to customers...

Thank you!!

4 Responses

Christina Estringel
Christina Estringel

July 06, 2017

Thank u so much Mr. Gilbert for not only serving our country but for one day saving my husbands life. He works in the oil field and now if he is in need of help people on the rigs will know of his condition. Thank u again and I will keep u in our family prayers. ?❤️

Oscar Estringel
Oscar Estringel

June 27, 2017

Gilbert, I received my medical ID bracelet today and was amazed of the quality and craftsmanship that you put into my bracelet. I want you to thank you for your services to our great country and what it stands for, and know that the bracelet you made me may one day save my life and I want to thank you for that. I will keep you in my prayers Gilbert and keep the good work my friend…..

Joseph F Berghof Jr
Joseph F Berghof Jr

December 14, 2016

Gilbert, Thank you very much for the quality of craftsmanship you put into my bracelet and thank you for your service.
We appreciate it I am Enewetak Atomic Clean up Vet.

Shawn R. Reinhart
Shawn R. Reinhart

November 15, 2016

Gilbert, I received my Cubs bracelet today and I want to say thank you very much. It is more exceptional than I imagined after seeing it on Facebook.


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