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Daniel Hitchcock

August 02, 2016 8 Comments

D Hitchcock
Hometown: Kansas City, MO 
Name: Daniel Hitchcock
MOS: 12B ( Combat Engineer)
Time Served: 6 yrs Active Army (2006-2012)

Why I joined the Military: My grandfather served in WW2 and Korea. I always wanted to be like him. I recognized him as a role model. Once I graduated High School I decided to join the military. I wanted to challenge my idea of who I was and what I thought I had developed myself into. I wanted to do something that made me feel proud. Something that felt like I was making a positive difference. I wanted excitement, adventure, something that would be both physically and mentally challenging. I had found exactly where I wanted to be. I finally found a place where I fit in. I served two deployments 2007- 2009 and 2011

Why I Joined Handmade By Heroes: I heard about HBH through my readjustment counselor, I really needed a workplace that understood my disabilities and was willing to work with me and my schedule to getting better. It is hard to find work being a disabled veteran. A lot of companies don't have time to slow down and help a person with disabilities. Most companies don't know what working with a disabled veteran entails so they'd just rather not hire an "issue". Handmade by Heroes is here to help veterans get back on their feet and back into the workforce. Thank you HBH.

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Taylor B.
Taylor B.

January 03, 2022

Received my essential tremor bracelet from Daniel. Looks beautiful and very well made :) I only wish I had mentioned I have tiny wrists but it fits well enough.
I will most likely order again!

Dianne Langan
Dianne Langan

December 23, 2021

Totally love the medical bracelet that Daniel made for me. It’s perfect and I am planning to get a second one for blood type.

Carrie Seningen
Carrie Seningen

April 28, 2019

Huge shoutout to Subaru partnering with handmade by hero’s. I preferred four keychains hoping to get all four colors but alas, just two. Guess who will be ordering more! Thanks for making my fabulous key-fobs and hope your recovery is progressing. With heart felt gratitude- Carrie, a disabled vet, Army Mom and Navy Mom.

Gianni Ghilespi
Gianni Ghilespi

February 25, 2019

Daniel did such a great job in hand-crafting my first para-cord bracelet, I’ve since ordered a second one! One. to keep “nice” for casual wear; the other to wear while working out, hiking, shooting, etc.

Thanks again!

Gianni Ghilespi
Gianni Ghilespi

February 04, 2019

Received my bracelet today, hand-crafted by Sergeant Daniel Hitchcock. The bracelet looks awesome, is made perfectly, and is extremely sturdy.

Great job Daniel, and thank you for your service!

Vincent Hatton
Vincent Hatton

December 25, 2018


Thanks for serving and continuing to serve. It was borh an honor and pleasure serving alongside you…Sapper Eagle!

I request that you make my next paracord bracelet.

Vincent M Hatton


November 28, 2017

We just got our medical bracelets today and we’re very pleased with them! Thanks Daniel! ?

Bob lord
Bob lord

November 22, 2016

Hi you guys rock I have several of your bracelets. I’d love to hear from you. All the best always. Rob and family

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