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Jeremiah Devoid

August 10, 2016 2 Comments

Hometown: Grand Isle, VT 
Name/Alias: Jeremiah Devoid 
MOS: 13D 
Unit: 1-76 FA 
Rank: SPC 
Branch of Service: Army 
Time Served: 10 Feb 2010 - 15 May 2013

Why I joined the Military: When I was a small child, I saw the Twin Towers fall on TV. I saw how sad and frightened it made my loved ones around me. I never forgot that moment and enlisted in the U.S. Army when I turned 18. I deployed to Afghanistan in the fall and did my duty with no regrets.

Why I joined Handmade By Heroes: Handmade By Heroes is a great company dedicated to supporting veterans and their families, as well as making quality products for the public. After I left active duty, I found it extremely difficult to find steady employment. Normal jobs usually don’t understand the issues today’s veteran has to go through. But Handmade By Heroes helped me and my family in our time of need.

Message to customers…I would be more than happy to help in making your products which I think you’ll find to be high in quality and I would like to thank you for basically being the one to give me a job.

My favorite sports team and why…The New York Giants of course! I grew up in the East Coast and just like the rest of my family, I am a Giants fan. 

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November 06, 2017

I just wanted to thank you for the 3 beautiful bracelets you have made for me. I had a Seahawks bracelet made for me nd a Packer one made for my grandson and the third one you made in Seattle Sounders colors. I love them and the weave is perfect so they are very comfortable. I am a Viet Nam era veteran when not many were women serving and I appreciate your service and the beautiful work you did for me.


Renee F.
Renee F.

January 05, 2017

First off Thank You for your service!! I have much RESPECT and LOVE for all of you that served. I love seeing that you are a Giants fan, I am as well. I hope to be ordering a NY Giants bracelet sometime soon, hopefully they will be able to win against Green Bay and go all the way to the Super Bowl again. LET’S GO GIANTS!!

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