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Jimmy Case

August 31, 2016 3 Comments

Hometown: Cahokia, IL 
Name/Alias: Jimmy Case 
MOS: Avionics Tech 
Rank: E-3 
Branch of Service: Navy 
Time Served: 6 yrs

Why I joined the Military: I joined the Navy in October of 1979 to get an education in electronics since the further I looked, I liked electronics. I wanted a career for the rest of my life. I wanted to grow from a boy into a man, learn self-discipline and responsibility required of an adult.

Why I joined Handmade By Heroes: I came out of the Navy and went right into avionics that I learned in the Navy. I worked on aircraft for 35 years. I had a car accident that messed up my legs and back. I got my disability in September 2015. I was bored to death with doing nothing. I heard about Handmade By Heroes and how they help us disabled vets by working with our limits of being disabled to help us vets with life’s challenges.

Message to customers…Thank you for helping us vets out that are still trying to keep the United States safe and working. Vets are taught how to do jobs the best it can be done. Our best keeps the United States number one in the world.

My favorite sports team and why…Colorado Denver Broncos. I grew up watching the quarterback John Elway come backs and respected his way of operating his team on and off the field.

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Keri McCaffrey
Keri McCaffrey

April 29, 2017

Thank you, Jimmy for my lovely medical alert bracelet, and for my sports keychain. You did a wonderful job, and more importantly, thank you for your services in the Navy!!

Maria Maiore
Maria Maiore

March 21, 2017

Jimmy: My R.E.D. bracelet arrived today and I love it. Thanks so much. Maria Maiore

Robert Graham
Robert Graham

November 13, 2016

Jimmy: Thanks for completing my orders 58450 and 58687. The beautiful bracelets are going to be Christmas presents next month. I too am a veteran (Navy – 20 years) and disabled. I am glad you found a place to continue to be a valued member of society. Good luck and continued success. Bob Graham

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