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Mary Rom

January 15, 2017 9 Comments

Hometown: San Francisco, CA 

Name/Alias: Mary Rom/ CD-Rom 

MOS: 35F  

Unit: 25th INF DIV

Rank: E4/CPL

Time Served: 6 years  

Branch of Service: US Army

Why I joined the Military: I joined because I wanted to make a difference in this country and be the first female in my family to join the military.

Why I joined Handmade By Heroes: I like being around other veterans and reminiscing about our service to our country. It feels like being back in a unit again.

Message to customers: I hope you love your product as much as I enjoyed making it. Thank you for your support to our nation's troops.

My favorite sports team and why: NBA Golden State Warriors because they are the team I grew up on and because I love basketball.

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Michael S McIntosh
Michael S McIntosh

November 12, 2018

Mary, I LOVE my keychain, thanks so much! My company-Savers is great about recognizing my service and every year they manage to touch me in a special way. This year it was a card, your card and the keychain. Thanks so much for your service and I hope your family is very proud of you because I certainly am!

Maria Maiore
Maria Maiore

October 29, 2018

Hi Mary. My RED bracelet and Nashville Preds bracelet arrived today. Thanks so much for making them. Maria

Sean Kelly
Sean Kelly

August 17, 2018

Mary, Thank you for your service. I received my two bracelets today, made by you. I ordered the US Navy in black and the PTSD awareness bracelets. My son is currently serving in the U S Navy, and has been deployed twice to the middle east. And my step son served in the U S Army in the Iraq war. He is now in a VA facility suffering from PTSD and substance abuse issues. So, you now can see the reason I chose the bracelets I did. Again, our country owes you, and all who have served and are currently serving, a sincere debt of gratitude for your unselfish sacrifice. God Bless You!

Chris Brooks
Chris Brooks

August 09, 2018

Thank you for your service and thanks for making my (first ever) medical alert bracelet. Got my Dad one from you guys a while back so when I needed one, I knew where to get it. 🇺🇸

Vickie Martin
Vickie Martin

May 18, 2018

Hi Mary. First I would like to thank you for your service. I love the bracelet and the orange really is brite. I chose orange for the multiple sclerosis that I have. I will be having two for cystic fibrosis and one for rheumatoid arthritis. Those will be for my girls. I have others: thin blue line, American Eagle, drug allergies and one with a cross on it. It would be nice if you can make them for me.
You take care and have a Blessed Memorial Day.
Vickie from Kentucky.

Dawson Polk
Dawson Polk

September 13, 2017

Thanks for making my bracelet Mary! Great quality and very durable. I do a lot of labor work, so I’m glad its durable enough to not break. Definitely will be ordering again!

Katie Kemp
Katie Kemp

March 29, 2017

I received my beautiful pink bracelet for my food allergies, made by Mary. It’s perfect and I’ve gotten multiple complements on it. Thank you for your service and thank you for making my bracelet!

Jim Hibbs
Jim Hibbs

February 11, 2017

I received my key chain today made by Mary. It looks great! Thank you! I didnt serve in the military but chose to become a career firefighter. I deeply respect those that serve and have recently decided to help bring awarness to people about ptsd not only as it relates to the military but to fire and police as well. This is why my key chain has the olive, red, and blue cords with the ptsd inset. Thanks again and keep up the good work! Jim

Miguel Alameda
Miguel Alameda

January 21, 2017

I love the key chain!!! Thank you!

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